Questions & Answers

What’s your wedding photography style?
My style is: artistic, modern, fun, fresh, bold, fashionable, elegant, stylish, colorful, powerful, awesome lighting, clear, clean; yet classic enough to stand the test of time!
My style is not: traditional, boring, plain, expected; or so trendy that your pictures look dated in 6 months! (Yikes! Nobody wants that)!

What’s your approach on the actual wedding day?
During the getting ready time, just do your thing and I will be there to document it. During the ceremony, I am incredibly unobtrusive. I have special types cameras that can be placed in “silent mode” so that no one hears loud clicks all through your ceremony! You won’t see or hear me, and your guests won’t be bothered by me, but I’ll be there to get all the important shots of your wedding. I wear dark colored clothing and I don’t make a spectacle of myself. If you’re having your ceremony in a Church, I am more than happy to work within their policies for photography. At the reception party though, I am EVERYWHERE! I’m with you the whole time, on the dance floor getting those fun up-close shots that I couldn’t get if we were standing against the wall in the back.

What are your prices for weddings?
Check the “Pricing” page on this website for more information.

What is an engagement session?
Soon after you book with me, let’s set a date to make your engagement pictures! These are very laid-back and FUN! We’ll meet at a location of your choice and you’ll be dressed casually or all dressed up (or both!) your choice! These photos are often used in Save-The-Date cards, made into prints to hang on your walls, and put into on of our coffee table books to remember your engaged time forever!

What is a bridal session?
The bridal portrait session is basically a dress rehearsal of the wedding day. These are usually made on a separate date prior to the wedding date. For the bride, you’ll be in your wedding dress, veil if you have one, and a bouquet if you want one. We’ll go to an exciting location of your choice and make some cool pictures! These are fun to make into a little book to remember your time as a bride! For the Groom, feel free to join! Some couples prefer to have these made on a date after the wedding, so that the Groom can easily be in them, and you’re not interfering with the hustle and bustle of wedding planning! I am a pro at these and loves making beautiful and artistic bridal portraits!

Do you offer wedding albums?
Yes! Form the cutest little coffee table book, the the largest high-end wedding album, I have lots of options for you! It’s a lot of information and choices, and is best discussed after the wedding date has passed.

How long have a you been in business?

2020 will be my 23rd year of being a full-time wedding photographer! During that time, I have photographed over 1,200 weddings and well over 2,000 bridal and engagement portrait sessions! That’s crazy to think about, but I’ve loved every one of them and still look forward to every wedding and photo session I’m blessed to photograph! My wife Janelle joins me in 2019 as a full-time business partner and will be doing some second photographer as well as running some of the backend of the business!

Do you have second photographers available for weddings?
Yes! I have a team of very talented second shooters. Contact me for a quote.

What’s the turnaround time for your images?
I try and always send you a preview of your wedding images within 1-2 weeks of the wedding, and then I email you the link to your edited photos within 4-6 weeks (minimum) from your wedding date. These times can be faster during the “off-season” months of December through March. For portrait sessions, please allow at least one week for delivery of your proofs. A rush fee is always available, if needed.

We found someone cheaper. What’s up with that?
Photographers charge what they’re worth. There will ALWAYS be cheaper photographers than me. Why? Because they have less experience, and they deliver lower quality photographs. It’s just that simple. Not trying to sound braggy; I’m just being honest with you. Remember that just like everything else, with wedding photography, you definitely get what you pay for! Don’t narrow down your choice of wedding photographers based on price. That’s the WRONG way to find a wedding photographer. Instead, find the photographer whose personality and photographic style clicks with you the most, and then figure out pricing from within that photographer that works for your photo budget. That’s the correct way to book a wedding photographer!

Do you bring backup equipment?
Oh yes! NEVER hire a wedding photographer who doesn’t bring at least two cameras and multiple flashes to everything they photograph. If they only have one camera and it fails, they’re screwed, and you won’t get pictures. This is why hiring young part-timers or using “a family member with a good camera” is a horrible idea! We us several professional grade Nikon camera bodies, along with top-of-the-liner Nikon lenses. We are very efficient in natural light through the getting ready and ceremony, and we are great at remote flash equipment too, to give your portraits and reception party pictures the “pop” they deserve!

Do you edit or retouch the images?
I personally go through every image taken, by hand, deleting any that don't make the cut, and then for everything else that gets delivered, I individually correct each image for the best color and lighting. If you’d like certain photos retouched a certain way, I can outsource that to a retouching company. You have full printing rights to your wedding images, and they will be “print-ready” once you receive them all!

How do we book you as our wedding photographer?
If you live or travel to NW Arkansas, I’d love to buy you a coffee or a drink get to learn all about you two as a couple, and find out everything you’re wanting for your wedding photos, and also be aware of things you don’t want in your wedding photography. If you don’t live or travel here, a simple phone chat works great!

Anything else you’d like to know? Any other questions? Ready to chat? Click here to send me a message! You are also more than welcome to call or text me anytime at (479) 466-1356, or email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you!